A guide to fixtures in your hairdressing salon

The interior design of your hair salon plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere and improving work efficiency. This post explores hair salon fixtures and how they can help create the ultimate salon experience.

22. November 2023

How do you choose the right cutting chairs?

When choosing cutting chairs, it is important to focus on both comfort and functionality. Consider the design, features and material chosen to ensure the chairs fit the style and needs of the salon. You can explore rock chairs here .

How do you choose the right customer chairs?

When choosing customer chairs, it is important to focus on the seat height - both how far up, but also how far down the chair can be pumped. The design and comfort also have something to say, as many customers remember which chair they have sat in. Our best tip is to buy a chair that suits your customers - both in terms of shape and colour. Of course, don't forget the ergonomics. Explore customer chairs here .

Should you invest in good ergonomics?

In short: Yes. Ergonomics is not just a trend you can read about in magazines or pop-up newsletters. Good ergonomics in your work area and at your customer chairs are paramount to your job satisfaction and well-being in everyday life. Without good ergonomics, you risk shoulder injuries, as all hairdressers etc. have either heard of or know about. We recommend that you visit a showroom and try different customer chairs and find one that suits you perfectly. You can try customer chairs in the Nordics' largest showroom for hairdressers here .

Washing chairs: Focus on comfort and functionality

Washing systems are central to the customer experience. Choose washing chairs that are not only comfortable, but also practical for your staff. This ensures a pleasant experience for both customers and employees. Shop washing here . Here are some good points to consider: 1. Choose a system with an extra deep wash so you have plenty of room for the client's hair. 2. Choose a system with the shortest possible distance from the therapist and to the customer's hair. 3. Choose a system with built-in massage for increased comfort. Shop here. Fun fact: The most exclusive salons in the world provide a personal massage. For this we recommend the exclusive and YUME sink .

Storage and organization of tools

To maintain a smooth working day, it is important to choose well-organized storage solutions. Choose storage that keeps your tools within easy reach while maintaining the aesthetics of the salon. It is becoming more and more popular to buy spacious rolling tables such as Studio 3 or the slightly cheaper Lab 5 . In this way, you spend less on cupboards in your back room and invest more in the well-being of your staff.

Lighting: Create the perfect working environment

Correct lighting is essential for precise haircuts and color treatments. Optimize the salon's lighting to create the ideal working environment. Choose lighting that ensures good visibility and working comfort. You can also advantageously choose LED lighting as they are often the most powerful and at the same time save on electricity. You can shop for work lights here.

Waiting area: Make it welcoming and comfortable

Design the customer area with both style and comfort in mind. From waiting chairs to mirrors - create an area that is stylish and comfortable for your customers, contributing to a positive experience. A trend we see is that more and more people choose dining tables and chairs to create inviting waiting furniture for their waiting areas. Shop waiting room furniture here .

Considerations about colors and style in the interior

Colors and style define the salon's identity. Carefully choose a color palette and decor elements that create a unique atmosphere and reflect the character of the salon. If you lack inspiration, you can visit the Nordics' largest showroom for hairdressers and explore complete interiors.

Where do you find the best furniture for hair salons?

To find the ideal furniture for your hair salon, you need to carefully consider your needs. Just Add People offers an extensive range of salon furniture with a focus on quality and functionality. Our range ensures that you can create the perfect salon experience for both employees and customers. If you lack inspiration, you can visit the Nordics' largest showroom for hairdressers and explore complete salons at Just Add People.







Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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