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Make Your Salon Instagram-Friendly in 5 Easy Steps!

Media such as Instagram and TikTok have become powerful tools for marketing, especially for hairdressers and beauty artists. Creating a visual identity on social media can not only attract new customers, but also act as free marketing. Here are five simple steps to make your salon Instagram-friendly and strengthen your branding.

16. January 2024

Design a Unique Signature Wall

Create a stunning backdrop where your clients can take photos after their treatment. This can e.g. be a beautifully decorated wall or a unique wallpaper. Make it easy for your customers to take pictures, and make sure that your salon's logo is visible in the pictures, but without it taking over and acting like advertising. You can also use a hashtag instead of your logo. More on that further down :)

The secret is to make it so cool that your customers don't think they're doing free advertising for you.

Create an Instagrammable Waiting Area

Make waiting a pleasure by creating a stylish and comfortable area that screams "Post me on Instagram!". Invest in aesthetically pleasing furniture, decorations and perhaps fun lighting. This will not only be a place where your customers can relax, but also a place they will share on their social media.

It can be as simple as hanging a mirror from the ceiling.

Use a Unique #Hashtag

Create a hashtag specific to your salon and have your customers use it when sharing photos. This creates a unified identity and makes it easier for you to track and share content from your customers.

If you don't want to state that you have a hashtag, you can do something a little cool. Place your hashtag, the one where your customers take their photos after a treatment, so that, in an understated way, it is included in the photo.

Run Instagram Contests

Run contests where customers can enter by sharing photos from your salon and using your hashtag. Prizes can e.g. free treatments or products. This not only creates engagement but also increases your visibility on the platform.

Share Behind-the-scenes content

Let your followers get behind the scenes. Share photos and videos of your daily operations, styling processes or special events in the salon. Depending on which style you are going for, you can also share when something has gone wrong. Eg. if you have lost a lot of products or something like that. It creates warmth and personality, and shows that there are people behind the brand.

Closing Words

Making your salon Instagram-friendly is not only about attracting new customers, but also about creating a community around your store and your brand. By implementing these easy steps, you will not only optimize your social media visibility, but also make your salon the "go-to" spot for Instagram-worthy moments. So grab your phone, snap some photos, and let the Instagram magic begin!





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Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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