Like blowing with flour in your mouth.

Financing means you can split your payment so you have more money for fun things. You can even deduct your monthly payment from taxes and when you're done, the furniture is yours forever.


that's how it works

Love it.

First, find all your favorite pieces of furniture. Let's say you find furniture for DKK 20,000. To get started, you must pay DKK 400.

Lease it.

Now you have to pay DKK 680. per month. You must do this every month for 36 months. Think of it as a little extra rent.

Own it.

When 36 months have passed, you must pay DKK 100. and now the furniture is yours forever. Wasn't it easy?

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Questions and answers

Can I get out of a deal?
Yes, you can. If you e.g. have 10 months left on your financing agreement and you pay DKK 680. per month, you must pay DKK 6,800 + DKK 100 residual value.

What is the difference between financing, split payment and leasing?
There are minor accounting technical differences, but nothing you will notice in everyday life.

Is there a minimum price for financing?
You can finance from DKK 6,000 excl. VAT and it makes good sense above DKK 10,000.

How do I commit, really?
You are bound by the term of the agreement, which is typically 36 months. You can easily agree between 12 and 48 months.

Is it dangerous to owe money?
No. The alternative is to owe them to the bank or wait until you have saved up. With financing, you can get your favorite furniture right away.

What does a credit approval mean?
This means that our leasing partner must assess you and your store as creditworthy. It requires a positive credit approval to finance your furniture.

Is my furniture insured?
If your own insurance does not cover financed furniture, the leasing company does. If your insurance covers it, you save a small amount. Insurance is primarily used in the event of fire or theft.

Is there a warranty on my furniture?
Yes. The warranty on the individual products covers technical and mechanical faults. Just Add People always provides at least a 1-year guarantee.

Are there product types I cannot finance?
Yes, consumables such as scissors, combs, cotton wool and shampoo.

Can I read more somewhere?
Yes, you can read the legal document here .