Vidal Sassoon: Legendary courses and exclusive experiences

Vidal Sassoon is a hairdressing legend known for his pioneering work, who not only has a unique approach to haircuts, but also chooses the best equipment for his salon experience and courses. This post explores Vidal Sassoon and their choice of e.g. The Adria II customer chair from Takara Belmont.

04. December 2023

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Vidal Sassoon was born in 1928 in London. His innovative approach and ability to create sharp and geometric haircuts made him a trendsetter within the industry.

The Creativity Behind the Famous "Bauhaus" Clip

Perhaps Sassoon's most iconic contribution, the so-called "Bauhaus" clip, was created with inspiration from modern architecture. This geometric and structured haircut symbolized a new era in the hairdressing world.

Revolutionary Hairdressing products and techniques

Sassoon launched a line of innovatively designed hairdressing products and introduced "wash and wear" hairstyles that required minimal maintenance. His techniques focused on individual haircuts that suited each person's face shape.

Sassoon's Global Influence

Vidal Sassoon's influence extended beyond the salon and left its mark on the world of fashion. His vision of easy-to-maintain haircuts and focus on individual beauty made him one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Sassoon's Legacy in Modern Hairdressing

P Answer: Even after his death in 2012, Vidal Sassoon remains a source of inspiration for hairdressers worldwide. His creative approach and pioneering techniques continue to shape modern hairdressing and serve as a reminder of how passion and innovation can change an entire industry.

Adria II: Quality and Comfort

Sassoon uses the Adria II customer chair from Takara Belmont for its salons and 'Sassoon Academy'. Adria is not only a symbol of elegance and modern design, but also delivers exceptional comfort to clients, which was important to Sassoon's vision of a comfortable salon experience. Sassoon's choice of the Adria II customer chair is clear evidence of prioritizing quality for the customer. You can find this exclusive customer chair here .

Adria II customer chair Takara Belmont

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Vidal Sassoon: Legendariske kurser og eksklusive oplevelser - Just Add People

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