Hairdressing chairs With or without wheels? Get flexibility in your hairdressing salon

Movable and flexible, hairdresser's chairs are an essential part of modern salon decor. Should they have wheels? This post delves into the benefits of mowing chairs with and without wheels. Bonus: If you choose a lawn chair with good wheels, they are great fun to drive around :)

15. January 2024

Advantages of Hairdressing Chairs with Wheels

Hairdressing chairs with wheels [often called a barber chair] offer easy mobility, quick adjustment of working position for optimal ergonomics and the possibility of creating different or even new work areas during busy times, in salons with more than one customer seat.

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Advantages of Hairdressing Chairs without Wheels

Hairdressing chairs without wheels [often called a treatment chair] offer another number of advantages. Below, the treatment chair is the right choice for you who have longer treatments and want a stable base where you only have to focus on the customer. Some salons choose treatment chairs for the washing area, so that you sit stably while you e.g. gives the client a soothing scalp massage.

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Disadvantages of Hairdressing Chairs with Wheels

Wheels are moving parts and must be maintained. You can help yourself by choosing anti-static wheels with a good and firm hair-repellent cover. It could, for example, be these , which fit most cutting chairs.

Disadvantages of Hairdressing Chairs without Wheels

The only drawback is that they can't drive :) Most treatment soles today come with an ergonomic tilt in the seat. See e.g. The Flex treatment chair from Vismara





Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

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