Stop discounting: How to reward loyal customers!

Attracting and retaining customers is important in any successful business. While many companies choose the traditional route of discounts and price promotions, we believe it is time to change focus. Instead of giving your customers instant discounts, consider rewarding them in a more meaningful way. The post here explores meaningful ways to reward your customers - So they'll love you!

15. January 2024

Create a Unique Experience

Make your salon more than just a place with a chair and scissors. Create an atmosphere of relaxation and pampering that you look forward to visiting and want to tell your friends about. Offer free - or paid - drinks, comfortable waiting and customer chairs in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

When customers feel special, they return. Quite simply.

Personal follow-up

Show your clients that you value them by following up on their treatment. Send a message or offer follow-up advice on caring for their new color or haircut. The personal touch makes a big difference and doesn't have to take many minutes out of your everyday life.

Referral discounts

Reward customers who bring new customers to your salon. Offer them e.g. 10% discount on their next treatment every time they refer a new customer. This creates a win-win situation where loyal customers become your best ambassadors. Remember that their new customers can easily get the same offer. In this way, you get enormously cheap and highly effective marketing.

Stamp card

Introduce a loyalty program where your customers earn points or stamp cards for each treatment. When they reach a certain number, they can redeem their points for free products or similar. This creates incentive for repeat visits.


Surprise your customers on their birthday with a small gift or a special treat. It can, for example, be that they get a free sample home if they book a treatment in the month of their birthday. This personal gesture shows that you remember and appreciate them and you can also get them "hooked" on some delicious products that they will hopefully buy in the future.


Giving discounts can be a short-term solution, but creating a meaningful and personal relationship with your customers is the way forward. When customers feel valued and special, they will not only return, but also recommend your salon to others. So ditch the discount trap and focus on offering valuable experiences that make your customers love you.







Written by Rasmus Østergaard

Author at Just Add People

Stop med at give rabat: Sådan belønner du loyale kunder! - Just Add People

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